About GKS Networks


I am Greg Spath, the owner of GKS Networks. I have nearly 2 decades of experience in Information Systems administration and design, with a strong focus on Linux/Unix Systems Administration, Programming, and Information Security. I hold certifications in Systems Engineering, Information Security, and Penetration Testing. I am passionate about what I do, and use the same solutions that I provide to you for my own networks. Enhancements that I create for myself and other customers naturally get passed on to you as my customer.

GKS Networks is a services based consulting company. I leverage proven, open technologies to provide solutions to help you better run your business. Because the tools I use are free for the general populace to use and improve upon, there are no licensing costs for you. You can also be certain that your infrastructure is not held captive by a 3rd party’s technolgy when they decide to no longer support or develop it.

While other hosting companies simply provide you with a place to put your marketing materials, I go beyond that to form a partnership with you and your web developers to use modern technologies to help you to run your business, not just advertise it.

GKS Networks core business is focused on providing robust, secure, up to date, managed infrastructure for your business. I achieve this by leveraging open tools and industry best practices focused on standardization, scalability, documentation, and repeatability.