Here are some of the things I've written for the community.


I am a contributing member to the Nagios Exchange community. These are some Nagios plugins and other helpful code that I have written for use with the Nagios monitoring solution.

If you are looking to buy an excellent enterprise-class monitoring solution, please visit Nagios through my affiliate link. If you would like remote monitoring and alerting, or an engagement to install and maintain a monitoring solution on your own network, then please get in touch with me. I offer expert installation, configuration, and support for Nagios Core, and use it on my own networks.

Gpep (Greg's Practical Envelope Printer)

This is the same code that drives the web-based invoicing solution on the application portal page. If you are a client of mine, then you have access to this tool for printing bulk invoices and envelopes through a database-driven web interface that is linked to your customer contact information.

Gpep creates perfect envelopes every time, and is capable of including postnet barcodes, including delivery point, as specified by the USPS specification.